Senin, 11 April 2011

  1. Sipet / blowpipe. Is the main weapon Dayak tribe. The shape is round and 2-3 cm in diameter, length 1.5 to 2.5 meters, the middle-middle hole with a hole diameter ¼ - ¾ cm which is used to include children blowpipe (Damek). The tip of a spear made ​​of mountain stone tied with rattan and wicker have been on. Children chopsticks called damek, and telep is where children blowpipe.
  2. Lonjo / Spear. Made of iron and placed or tied with a woven rattan and stemmed from bamboo or hardwood.
  3. Telawang / Shield. Made of lightweight wood, but the clay. Length of 1-2 meters with a width of 30-50 cm. The outside given the carving or painting and has a specific meaning. Next to the common place of handles.
  4.  Saber. Is the main weapon and a weapon that is considered sacred hereditary. The shape is long and there is always a good sign carved in the form of inlay and carving just ordinary. Saber mountain made ​​of stone, carved, engraved with gold / silver / copper and decorated with bird feathers or human hair. Saber has the original name of the so-called "Saber Threshold Birang Bitang Pono Adjunct Kajau", are goods that have a religious value, as well cared for by their owners. Rocks that are often used in the manufacture of Saber in near past, namely: Sanaman Mantikei Stone, Stone or stone Mujat Tengger, Stone Montalat.
  5. Dohong. This weapon is a kind of dagger, but bigger and sharper side contiguous. Upper reaches of the horn and scabbard made ​​of wood. Weapons may only be worn by chiefs, Demat, Basir. 

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